• Anything is possible

MAXPLUS CO provides one-stop service solutions for sales, including professional customer market research, product positioning sales advice, business performance improvement which is company-oriented, matching customers and suppliers, providing long-term planning business development guidelines, products agent and other services.

With MAXPLUS's proven experience in the marketplace, it helps organizations to expand business first in the Taiwanese market and determine their customers' future product usage policy and demand quickly and relatively inexpensively. Maxplus is the best touchstone for foreign companies to come to Taiwan.

We have a wealth of technical resources and contacts across Taiwan, China, Japan, South Korea and Germany, 

Across the Cultural Barriers, we establish corporate brands in Taiwan, China, and South Korea markets, and even expanding to the Singapore market. Upholding the spirit of professional semiconductor, we will serve for each entrusted product. It is also a unique custom project for us. MAX PLUS will use one hundred percent dedication to make each brand shine and flourish in international business, which is MAXPLUS's core belief and task! Anything is possible 


  • In 2007, MAXPLUS was established with main business of semiconductor materials trading agent and semiconductor consultant services. 
  • In 2015, ISHOWBOW food brand was established to provide high-quality natural organic food, domestic and foreign food imports and exports and other projects.


Case Study

South Korea's leading manufacturer, Scrubber, received an order of 3 Scrubber machines from Taiwan's Forep for Local Opto in Semiconductor/LED industries 2012. However, at the time of final acceptance, Taiwan agent failed to communicate with customers and solve the client's problems, resulting in a failure to successfully receive the balance for 3 years (2012-2015). Consensus acceptance was still not reached for the machine.

Later, the Company was appointed by South Korea as the consultant in 2015. On behalf of the Korean company, a professional manager of the Company held a meeting with Taiwan's Forep Optoelectronic Co., Ltd., and identified customer problems as well as coordinated solutions. Finally, the acceptance and collection procedures were completed successfully in six months. 


Case Study

The company is a professional parts cleaning company of semiconductor process equipment in the central region of Hsinchu. It has developed a special cleaning technology to improve the cleanliness of metals, ceramics, quartz and graphite, as well as to extend product life.

In 2012, we appointed a professional manager of the Company to assist in the promotion of business matters and to understand its technical features. Finally, the product was successfully promoted to a large semiconductor manufacturer, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Currently, it is certified as a qualified supplier of TSMC successfully. Furthermore, it has accepted orders since 2014. 


Case Study

In 2014, China Sci-Tech Corporation appointed the Company to assist in the development of a new business system and to solicit agents for quality products in Taiwan and abroad, so as to expand the Greater China market.

The company's professional manager confirmed corporate policy of the appointment company, and introduced it to new product agent. Furthermore, weekly progress report was provided regularly, and meeting was held with the customers on behalf of Chinese company, so that the communication between two sides did not have barriers. Currently, it has been successfully approved by the semiconductor plants in Fujian Province.

The customer’s needs objectives were achieved. 

  • Assist foreign companies in product evaluation in Taiwan and Greater China markets
  • Assist foreign manufacturers to save the huge expense of setting up branches. By setting up their own offices in Taiwan firstly, it also provided instant information on the Taiwan market and mastered the changes in the client terminals, so as to make communication at all times, grasp the opportunities and keep abreast of the first lines in the market


Case Study

In 2016, a Korean equipment manufacturer changed its agent continuously. When foreign companies came to Taiwan to promote their products, they always searched large companies to agent the products because they lacked many correct information and did not understand the markets of Asia Pacific such as Taiwan and China. However, they often encountered that the agents were too large to become sell products. Moreover, they cannot develop the semiconductor market of Taiwan specially, so that the products which have been widely used worldwide cannot enter the Taiwan market. The professional managers of the Company accepted the case of consultation appointed by South Korean company, filtered the agent information one by one, and found a suitable agent. Finally, we used the original identity of South Korean company to hold meeting with the agent in Taiwan, and helped the agent to develop the market.


Case Study

In 2017, an international agricultural machinery and equipment company traded environmental protection equipment and used special technologies to reduce the use of pesticides. However, this company is using the principles of semiconductors to develop agriculture. It has been widely used in Brazil, South Korea and other countries. At present, it wants to expand Taiwan market.

With the arrangement of our company, several experimental units and the township government in Taiwan are willing to accept the machine test and the delivery test will be carried out in March 2018.